The more you relax, the less you fear.
The less you fear, the more you relax.
This is the nature of progress

— Wolfe Lowenthal

About qigong

Qigong can be translated as Qi (chee)= breath/spirit  and Gong (kung)  = technique (or more aptly level of comprehension).

It can be described as a form of moving meditation, health exercise, an art, a science.

Traditional Qigong training begins with self awareness and learning about one's behaviour. The reason for this is that practitioners are encouraged to understand the connection between their actions and the patterns of their thoughts.

The Qigong exercises are outwardly slower and repeated to create a baseline for the mind to follow so that there may be ground to stand on and observe the movement around. It also develops a sense of relaxation as the slow movements will portray where tension exists.

Inwardly, the practitioner could develop an immense commitment to the experience thus feeling the changes of the Qi as the exercise stimulates it. 

This train of thought can carry over into every aspect of life, as Qigong can offer opportunities to learn in a unique way through becoming more aware.

hat Can Qigong Do For You?

  • Mental Clarity
  • Stress / Anxiety Management
  • Inner Calm
  • Balance
  • Co-ordination
  • Promote Well-being
  • Relaxation

Why Practice?

Light, slow moving activity is perfect for recovery from both injury and physical training.

Precise movement and intentional concentration helps to improve co-ordination and balance.

Meditation helps to integrate learning experiences.

Mental clarity leads to fresh ideas and desirable actions.


Our Quigong take place on Thursdays and Fridays, and can accommodate individual practice or small groups. Please contact us for more information, pricing, and to sign up.


  Since a young age Mara (born as Jan Mark) Santo Domingo had an interest in how the body moves and lived a very active childhood. Late into his teens he discovered a love for martial arts and tennis and began to avidly train in the respective areas. Due to lack of knowledge and experience, Mara sustained injuries which would lead him to seek out more knowledge about the body eventually leading him into Tai Chi Qigong and schooling for massage therapy. 

    Coming from a background of a deep love for philosophy, Mara provides a gentle approach towards deep tissue massage to address postural imbalances that can lead to affecting the quality of how the body moves. Through clinical experience, he has observed that the structure can cause a significant effect in how the muscles interact with each other. Mara uses a clinical yet creative approach to each individual complaint through careful listening and assessments.

     Prior to becoming a Registered Massage Therapist, Mara had trained in healing arts of Tai Chi Qigong, learning about the sensitivity of life force energy, potential of mindfulness and continues to teach and practice the art to refinement. Mara transfers these skills to his hands during treatment to gain a better sensation of what someone might feel during a treatment. To complement this experience, Mara offers instruction in Tai Chi Qigong in order to promote the benefits of a massage treatment.

     Using keen understanding of bio-mechanics learned through massage and martial arts, Mara aims to provide effective treatments through the understanding of self (know thy self, know source of pain). This perspective combined with the calculative approach of clinical therapy enables Mara to develop a style of therapy that is thorough. Mara takes a look at how a person would normally hold their posture, giving movement where there is restriction, and guiding strength to where there is weakness using evidenced informed rehabilitative exercise protocols.

Favourite Hobby: Tai Chi Chuan, Tennis
Favourite Food: Ramen
Favourite Book: Tao Te Ching

Each moment I am renewed
Among the patterns of change I awaken
The breath I draw is subtle, soft and received
My intention lies beneath my feet

Never farther than my shadow
Each moment I am renewed
Forged by the actions of my present
The depth of mind is like bellows
passing breeze
My attention strides beneath my seat
Ever ardor ceaselessly

(Meditations of the Northern Palaces)
— "I am" - by Mara